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Every human being with emotional abilities has their specific interests and passions, from cooking, singing, cycling or even studying the earth. These passions can vary from one person to another depending on their intense enthusiasm or compelling desire towards someone or something. As for me, I have always had a keen interest in graphic design as I thought that this creative field might be a fun and flexible journey for me. So, before I go into further details about why graphic design is my passion, let me explain graphic design briefly. 

What is graphic design? 

Graphic design is a practice of projecting ideas and conveying messages of the product, project, campaign and event through visual communications to connect with the consumers or audiences. Keep in mind that graphic design is ubiquitous, from the eye-popping infographics on the websites, social media platforms on your smartphone, the stunning cover of the magazine on your desk or even the labels of your household items. In marketing and advertising, we use graphic designs to promote and sell the products. While for businesses, graphic design is a great tool to develop a corporate identity through branding. Other than that, it can convey such complicated information through infographics for websites. Here are some of the reasons why graphic design is my passion, and who knows that it could be yours too! 

Keep your creativity flowing. 

People are born with one side of their brain is dominant, either left-brain or right brain. If you are born with left-brain dominance, your thinking is analytical and methodical most of the time. However, if you tend to be artistic and creative, probably your right brain is dominant. Scientifically, creativity is already within you if you are right-brained. Why not explore your talents in graphic design and keep your creativity flowing by designing the visual communications strategy according to the client requirements? Not only self-rewarding but a fun process as well. 

Exercise your brain muscle. 

If you wonder how graphic designing can exercise your brain muscle, let me tell you this. Graphic design is not a simple process and just trying to make things look nice. As a graphic designer, you are trying to convey the messages through the best visual form possible, thus demanding great problem-solving skill. Other than that, you have to propose many ideas, concepts and thoughts into the designs. Therefore, this job is perfect for someone who loves to challenge themselves and let their brain works.  

Learn unique things daily. 

Some jobs require repetitive daily routines with less progress and learning opportunity, but graphic design is not one of those jobs. With each design requirements from different clients, you would be able to challenge yourself and create a unique piece of work. There will never be the same outcomes for unalike projects that lead to continuous growth and learning opportunity in graphic design. Indirectly, you will feel more interested and attracted to your job. 

Lead to various directions.  

Not only graphic design would let you learn new things daily but, it would lead you in various directions with a different type of industry that you could be involved. You might be designing a logo for a cosmetic business, or perhaps creating a social media advertisement for the gym club, or even crafting an album cover for the music band. No matter what industry it is, there will always be a need for a graphic designer with outstanding skills. 

Never stop learning. 

If you are the kind of person who loves to challenge, push yourself beyond the limits and keep improving your skills, you are the perfect fit for this job. As a graphic designer, you will constantly learn and developing as there will always be new software, new trends, new technologies, new inspirations, new concepts, new ideas, or even new theories. Not to mention that there are a variety of skills that you can choose to specialize in and master, whether creating an outstanding video animation, become perfect at logo designing or even a master in social media advertising.  

Surround yourself with inspiring images. 


Correct me if I am wrong, but I guess everyone would be happy to surround themselves with inspiring images for a living! As a graphic designer, I would be excited to get inspirations from all sort of places, researching amazing graphics and illustrations, and producing some incredible designs as I have an intense enthusiasm towards creative visual forms. Why not explore this passion if you like to surround yourself with inspiring images? Here are some of the best graphics and illustrations that you can use as inspirations: 

Gain a new perspective of the world. 

Believe it or not, creative minds never stop thinking! We are programmed to be curious and admiring the small details. By understanding an essential principle of graphic design, we would be able to look at things differently and understand the purpose of those design details. From the way we look at the billboard along the highway or the business signage hanging above the outlet to the brochures that we received from the real estate agent, every detail has its meaning and provide a new perspective for a better life. 

Graphic designers with outstanding skills are in demand. 

We are all aware that getting a job as a graphic designer seems like an overwhelming task but, there is always a demand for graphic designers with outstanding skills. So, if you have the talents, good skills and positive attitudes, be rest assured that you might be able to set your foot right into the industry and secure your dream job. 

Able to design remotely. 

I am not sure about you, but this sounds like a dream job for me. Who does not want to work from the place they like? Rather than working in the office, you have the flexibility to work from wherever you want if you are a freelance graphic designer. Perhaps it can be from your chalet on the beach, your cabin on the mountain or even from your hotel room, as long as you bring your laptop and Wi-Fi is available.